Apache Sky Casino

Dudleyville, AZ

Project Overview

 Located near the Gila River in Dudleyville AZ on the San Carlos Apache Indian Community, this site is on scenic gypsum bluffs about a half mile off of State Route 77 between Tucson and Globe. Team Buesing was contracted during the design phase and worked with Killian Construction (GC) to deliver this site to the community in a fast track manner with design and construction running parallel. In addition to the site grading, site concrete, utilities, and paving work, Buesing provided the widening for turn lanes on the highway including box culvert extensions. An existing power line atop a hill near the highway presented a difficult challenge for the highway widening and necessary site distance.

Buesing was able to resolve this conflict by designing and installing a permanent soil nail retaining wall built from shotcrete colored to match the surrounding terrain. Since water was not available on the site, Buesing hauled water in trucks from a neighboring landowner and pumped the water from holding tanks up the hill to a pond that eventually was converted to provide temporary fire protection for the casino building until a permanent water source could be developed.


Dudleyville, AZ


San Carlos Apache Tribe (Killian Construction - GC)

General Contractor

Project Duration

2016 - 2017


  • Site Work
  • Site Concrete
  • Construction Materials


  • 450,000 CY Excavation - Roadway and Site
  • Undisclosed CY of Gypsum removal & replacement
  • Storm Drain Culverts
  • Water and Sewer Installation
  • Site Concrete
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Cattle Guards
  • Pavement Marking
  • Soil Nail Retaining Wall
  • Box Culvert Extension

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