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Mass Excavation

These earthmoving projects can span over many acres and involve the cutting and filling of earth to depths of more than a couple of feet, or hauling the excavated soils to an offsite location. With decades of expertise, Buesing’s professionals can excavate millions of yards, or excavate a basement in an urban setting, both efficiently and economically. Equipped with state of the art equipment, the best technology, and operated by Buesing’s best operators, it’s clear why we’re “simply the best” for your mass excavation needs.

safford arizona mass excavation

Mass Grading

Mass grading is generally performed on the back end of Mass Excavation, or on a site with less than one or two feet of elevation change to reach design grade. This is the perfect way to set the stage for the work to come because we deliver to plus or minus a couple of inches of the design subgrade. Buesing’s fine-tuned wide-scale grading is managed by seasoned operators and in-house surveyors that utilize Trimble GPS and CAD to shape the landscape and bring your projects to life.

Buesing mass grading project jerome arizona

Residential / Commercial Development

From clearing the site to best-in class excavation and grading of lots, to site concrete, and more, we have set the groundwork for thousands of residential lots and communities all over Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Commercial projects range from warehouses to data centers, to high rise towers, and large manufacturing facilities. Buesing is a one-stop-shop with proficiency at managing multiple contractors systematically and efficiently.

Buesing residential and commercial development arizona

Roadway Excavation

This elaborately linear service includes not only safe and strategic roadway grading, but also the cutting and filling required to define the roadway. Whether roadway work is the focus of your project or needed to create better access points to your site, Buesing’s fleet is available to deliver, including import or export of materials as needed.

prescott arizona roadway excavation

Import / Export Trucking

With Buesing’s highly trained drivers at the helm, our fleet of Belly and Simple 16 dump trucks are prepared for any hauling task. Our trucks can export your concrete and asphalt to our recycling facility in Chandler, import aggregates from any commercial source, or haul dirt between projects as needed. Buesing’s professional trucking service posture gives you back countless hours managing multiple haulers and suppliers while reducing costs along the way.

Buesing import and export trucking arizona