Buesing general civil contracting

General Civil Contracting

Seeking a seasoned General Civil Engineering contractor to bring your project to life? From Distressed Site Remediation, Design & Building of Retaining Walls, Site Development Services to Landfill Cells and Closures, Buesing has you covered.

Specialty Contracting Services

Site Work

The first stage of any major project. The Buesing team is fully equipped and ready to clear the workspace and prepare to dig.

Buesing site work
Buesing earth retention shoring

Earth Retention Shoring

Deep excavation is one thing, building vertical walls strong enough to hold the earth behind them is another. Buesing is an industry leader at both.


With over 30 years of experience installing drilled shafts, micropiles, and anchors, Buesing builds on strong foundations in more than one way.

Buesing foundations
Buesing site concrete

Site Concrete

Consistent and uniform concrete is not an end-result we hope to achieve - it’s a benchmark we hold ourselves accountable to.

Construction Materials

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a vast fleet of trucks, we’re experts at repurposing concrete and asphalt, crushing aggregate and delivering quality materials.

Buesing construction materials

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