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Seeking a seasoned General Civil Engineering contractor to bring your project to life? Buesing has you covered.
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Distressed Site Remediation

Building on some sites can be more challenging than others because the onsite soils are not suitable to support the planned surface improvements and structures. Trash, debris, undocumented fill, or other unsuitable materials may be present in the site soils. Buesing offers many solutions to remediate these sites in conjunction with recommendations from a qualified geotechnical engineer. These solutions can include remove and replace, process and recompact, deep dynamic compaction, drilled foundations, grout stabilization, or a combination thereof as is practical for the site.

Buesing distressed site remediation

Site Development Services

The significance of proper site development ahead of a building project cannot be stressed enough. Neglecting to perform the necessary groundwork can cause flooding, settlement, heaving, or other significant damage to your project down the line. Aside from avoiding the costs attributed to these damages, building on a properly developed site also allows for faster permitting, easier inspections, better overall production, and lessens long term warranty concerns. This holds true for single houses, an entire community and commercial buildings as well.

Buesing site development services

Design Build Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to hold the earth back in a specific area to allow for other things to be built. Improper design can cause retaining walls to collapse or see saturation from rain. Using CAD and REVIT technology, we have the ability to generate a 3D image of exactly what your retaining wall will look like as well as detailed information that can be leveraged in building your project.

buesing design build retaining walls

Landfill Cells and Closures

Completing landfill closures and new cells quickly and efficiently is a Buesing specialty. Equipped with a large fleet of top of the line machinery and equipment, we can create new cells or close completed cells as necessary for the life cycle of these important sanitary facilities. Accuracy, experience, and proficiency are the key to doing this right and protecting the environment.

buesing landfill cells and closures