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Earth Retention Shoring

Deep excavation is one thing, building vertical walls strong enough to hold the earth behind them is another. Buesing is an industry leader at both.
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Soil Nailing

This shoring system is engineered, designed and built by Buesing with over three decades of experience to offer a more affordable and effective alternative to common steel beam systems. Our extensive experience with this service has helped us build best practices in both design and installation of our soil nailing solution.

tempe arizona soil nailing

Soldier Pile Shoring

Another common shoring system, soldier pile shoring incorporates steel beams and steel, wood, or shotcrete lagging. This may be an ideal design for your project if space is an issue. Solider pile shoring is mainly used for temporary systems but can be used as a permanent solution with appropriate design considerations.

Buesing cantilever shoring mesa arizona

Tie Back Shoring

This shoring system leverages an anchoring point and resistance to achieve remarkable results.Tiebacks can be used as a permanent or temporary solution. This system is a good intermediate solution for sites where space is an issue because it’s less expensive than cantilever but more right of way friendly than soil nailing.

tempe arizona site work buesing

Sheet Piling

Whether as a temporary or permanent solution, Sheet Piling is a great way to support excavation efforts. Sheet Piling can have many applications such as diverting water or areas where there may be a high groundwater table. Its unique design makes it a dependable solution for the trickiest of shoring needs.

Buesing sheet piling mesa arizona

Design Build Delivery

We offer Design Build methods for all Earth Retention Shoring services and we don’t offer a design only product because our systems are proprietary to Buesing. This is what makes Busing a one stop shop for any engineered delivery solution. Unsure what path to pursue? Our in-house Professional Engineer and team of experts would be thrilled to discover which solution would be best for your project. Using state of the art technology, we ensure that our designs will provide you with precise and safe solutions no matter what your project may call for.

Buesing design build delivery arizona
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