Mirabella at ASU

Tempe, AZ

Project Overview

The Mirabella at ASU Project created the groundwork for McCarthy to build a unique experience for those in pursuit of continued learning. The two major scopes performed were the temporary shoring and mass excavation. We used our in-house trucking fleet to haul off excess onsite material for our excavation and other onsite contractors.

The Buesing Advantage on this project was our ability to provide a design-build solution for the temporary shoring and self perform all aspects of our work.


Tempe, AZ


Mirabella at ASU

General Contractor

McCarthy Building Companies

Project Duration

2017 - 2018


  • Earth Retention Shoring
  • Site Work
  • Site Concrete


  • 54,000 CY of Mass Excavation and Export
  • 22,800 SF of Shoring Installed

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